20th Century

Antique Collecting

Sandy Littman began collecting antiques when she was eight years old. Her instinct for form and timelessness, plus her training in architecture, guided Sandy to collect beautiful examples of classic design in almost every discipline: handbags, lighting, furniture, tableware, jewelry, clocks, and much more. On Duesenberg Ltd., Sandy has curated a set of her best finds from the 20th Century and offers them for sale to collectors.

Handbags and Lights

To Sandy’s eye, the seemingly unrelated collections of handbags and lighting fixtures are actually very similar in many ways. "The graceful composition, the structure, the mounting, the connections between different parts, I find these elements common in both handbags and lights," says Sandy. "The same strict yet elegant modern aesthetic appeals to me in both forms. If you put the handbags and lights I collect, as well as the lights I design, side-by-side, I think the commonalities are really clear. It just makes sense."